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Womo presents The Black Collection, the collection inspired by black, the most noble colour of all. Thanks to its evocative ability, black is able to arouse various intense emotions. Translated into a fragrance, the concept of "noir" becomes a surprising and fascinating tale that embellishes the character of whoever wears it, and inevitably, makes an impact. Each eau de parfum in the collection is unique, intense and has high longevity Black Powder is a bold story. An explosion of freedom for a man who loves to love and be loved. An irresistible blend of charm and magnetism, highlighted by floral and seductive notes. Shaken by the leather and bewitched by the jasmine, it explores all the undertones of seduction.


Black pepper, ginger, cardamom

Top notes: Nutmeg, cloves, sandalwood

Middle notes: Ebony, tonka bean, patchouli

WOMO Black Spice - Eau De Parfum

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